Centime systems are developed in house at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College. Management information System and personalised learning environment in One System

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Centime: One System

The following functions are all part of Centime and do not require linking or data feeds:

+ Enquiries, Applications and Interviews
+ Enrolments, Cash Tills, ALS
+ Student Details, Issues & commendations, International office, Enrichment and Review Reports
+ Staff Details, Issues, Absences, Inset & Training
+ Timetable Editor, Attendance and Markbook
+ Course modelling, Approval and Rollover
+ CER and SAR
+ Resource Maintenance for Sites, Rooms, Blocks
+ Employers
+ Reporting
+ MLE SOW builder
+ Student Portal (MLE/VLE)

Centime: One System

Nice little features part 2

How could I forget those nice little features:

....exam results fed in via EDI and results available to students fromwithin the portal......
...from home...

....register notes carried to all classes for the day........

.......lis data fed back into centime and funding displayed to managers......

....programme manangers can create enrolment screens and any staff can easily enrol students into 'boxes of delivery'........

......waiting lists created for full classes....

............in-year retention and achievement report with success rates by site, area and course...

...if permitted any staff can withdraw a student.......

...no data feed from one system to another system.....it is One System.......

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

'wot up' with the name?

the techies pronounce it 'sen-team'.
many users pronounce it 'sen-time'.

The name came from Peter Critchlow (aka Gandalf) in 2000/2001:

c - course
e - exams
n - enrolments
t - timetables
i m e - in a managed environment

The current version is called centime3 hence the logo but of course any College can brand the system with their own logo and corporate colours!

Nice little features Part I

It is so easy to forget those nice little features:-

...block the student access if library books not returned or assignment is due and add a message to go and see the tutor....

...student photos popup on the Register screen....

...live gate swipes available to see who is in where when......

...auto create student and staff emails/home drives as soon as they are entered onto the system...

...online staff and student issues and commendations, track and escalate in one place..

........student can check their attendance and punctuality live on the student portal...get the EMA

...students can book 'free' computers from any web browser.......even from home!

How much does it cost?

not that much....

Centime belongs to the tax payer and since EHWLC is a non-profit making organisation we would generally only charge enough to cover our costs. We have used various models to calculate this and any new users are subject to a quotation process.

One our of models was a small annual charge and a cost of a developer/support person.

Key points to remember:

+ no high consultancy charges
+ no large costs for bespoke reports
+ no hidden costs in training and upgrades

You get something that works for Colleges - it was built by a partnership of Colleges!

How easy is it to migrate from our current system?

Easy as 1 2 3!

Well, certainly not as difficult as made out by most of the software providers in FE and Schools!
Like any business it is just a money making scam if you ask me....

"East Durham College changed MIS systems in July 2007 to Centime. An ambitious step to take so near to the new academic year, but we were up and running for enrolment by the 20th August 2007.
A combination of hard work, goodwill, flexibility and adaptability from all involved in this project, as well as a superb piece of software, was the key to the success.", Elaine Frater MIS Manager @ East Durham College.

Why Centime / What is different about Centime?

In a nutshell:

  • Pure web (no install needed for users just a browser)
    Integrated One System for all MIS functions and student personalised portal
  • Bottom up approach - built around the business logic (ie what happens in the class room)
  • Other systems are very ‘office centered’, Centime is a College centred system open to all users
  • Developed around a partnership of Colleges - it works in three different Colleges and a 6th form academy!
  • Student portal is dynamic – available as soon as a student is enrolled